What is the shelf life, does it require refrigeration?
Shelf life is two years from the made date. You can find the expiry date at the bottom of the bottle. Refrigeration is not required, but recommended after opening to preserve vitamin strength.
Hi what is the ingredients in this?
Rockwell Pets Pro Natural Dog Vitamins ingredients include B-Vitamins, Amino Acids, Trace Minerals, Digestive Enzymes, MSM, Glucosamine, and Aloe Vera.
Is this non gmo?
Yes, our products are not genetically improved.    
Could you please tell me the percentages of calcium, vitamin A & vitamin D each one in the ingredients?
For each ounce, there is 150 mg of Calcium, 50 IU of Vitamin D, 500 IU Vitamin A. You would need to adjust those amounts based on the size of your dog. The recommended dosages are: dogs under 10 lbs - 1/4 oz; 10-24 lbs - 1/2 oz; 25-49 lbs - 1oz; 50-100 lbs - 1.5 oz; and over 100 lbs - 2 oz.  
Hi, could you please tell me how much calcium and ester c is in this? My dog can't have a lot of calcium thanks :)
Ester-c 150 mg per 1oz and calcium 150mg per oz    
Hi, could you please tell me does this vitamin have ester c in the ingredients? 
Yes it does 150 mg per Oz 
I have read the ingredients and see it contains amino acids but does this product contain any taurine? Vet specifically mentioned Taurine required.  
This product does not contain taurine, but 63 trace minerals, digestive enzymes, glucosamine, MSM, aloe vera and b-vitamins among others.  
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